Every man wants to maintain full sexual health for as long as he can. Not only does sexual functionality play a huge role in self-confidence, but it is also critical for maintaining intimacy with your partner or spouse. And of course, robust sexual health can also bring immense pleasure and satisfaction.

Sadly, lifelong sexual health is not guaranteed. Many men find their ability to get an erection, or to enjoy full sexual arousal, diminishing in middle age, often due to testosterone decline. Additionally, other health concerns, such as prostate cancer, can lead to impeded sexual functioning. At Point Lumineux MedSpa, we are pleased to offer a range of holistic interventions that can restore our male clients to their full, youthful vigor. We invite you to learn more about the sexual health treatments we offer to men in Sarasota, FL, starting with the He-Shot.

How Does the He-Shot Work?

As with everything we do at Point Lumineux MedSpa, the process begins with a consultation. We always want to sit down with our clients, ask about their needs and expectations, and perhaps even run some lab work, allowing us to get a better sense of their health and wellness concerns. By gathering this data, we are able to recommend a whole-body health plan that’s customized to you, addressing all of the factors that contribute to your impaired sexual health.

If we think you’re a good candidate for the He-Shot, we’ll take a quick and simple blood draw. We can then extract the growth and healing factors from your blood, concentrating it into a serum. This serum is then carefully injected into the parts of the penis most crucial for sexual health and vigor. Please note that topical numbing creams are used to ensure that the process involves little or no pain and discomfort.

Benefits of the He-Shot

The He-Shot represents a truly groundbreaking approach to men’s sexual health, offering a completely natural and holistic remedy to a range of common problems. Specifically, the He-Shot treatment can be used to achieve any of the following benefits:

  • Improvement to the firmness of your erection
  • Increase to your blood flow and circulation
  • Increase to your sexual stamina
  • Enhancement of your sexual sensation
  • Improvement in your sexual pleasure
  • Improvement to the appearance of the penis
  • Relief for prostate discomfort
  • Relief from urinary incontinence

No matter the nature of your sexual health concerns, the He-Shot can provide a safe and effective solution.

Reasons to Consider He-Shot

While there are a number of men’s sexual health treatments available today, we are thrilled to offer the He-Shot, in particular. There are several reasons for this, beginning with the fact that the He-Shot can offer near-instant results. Many men come in for this quick in-office procedure and report seeing improvements in their sexual capabilities, as well as their penis girth and length, shortly after receiving their injection.

Additionally, we love the He-Shot due to its holistic nature. Because it’s made with components taken from your own body, there are no strange or undesirable side effects to consider. This is truly a sexual health enhancement that fits in with our approach to whole-body health.

Learn More About Men’s Sexual Health Treatments

The He-Shot is just one of a few options available to men struggling with sexual health issues. Alternatively, some men benefit from bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (HRT), which can help restore testosterone levels and restore sexual vitality.

The bottom line: Many men find that, as they get a little older, their sexual vigor subsides. While this is discouraging, it never has to be permanent. We welcome you to learn more about the He-Shot and other sexual health treatments, available to men in the Sarasota, FL area. To schedule a consultation with one of our men’s sexual health experts, we welcome you to contact Point Lumineux MedSpa to make an appointment.